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Theme Tuesdays: Cars With Mouths – 4

The theme I didn't expect to make it past round one, lives on into a fourth rendition. Some of you might say this theme...

Theme Tuesdays: Cars With Mouths – 3

Whenever I check the site stats and see that the "Cars With Mouths Theme Tuesday series" is still one of the most visited I can't help but chuckle a little bit because I initially thought no one would really be into it. I guess the fact that we are now into round three of said series goes to show the longevity of the famous tiger shark art, and various other forms of automotive grins.

Theme Tuesdays: Cars with Mouths – 2

When I did the first 'Cars With Mouths' Theme Tuesday in 2011 I never imagined it would be so well received, nor did I think that it would lead to a part two, but a year later here we are. Plenty of military (Warthog/Tigershark) inspired examples in this post as well as a few more creative examples.

Theme Tuesdays: Cars with mouths

I'll be honest with you guys, when I started this Theme Tuesday I didn't really think it would come together as well as it did as it is pretty random. However Google never lets me down and it turns out people have been putting World War II type graphics on cars of all sorts for some time. Add to that the popularity of Rusty and the movie cars and cartoon mouths and you have today's collection of photos.

Theme Tuesdays: Acura Legends

My first introduction to the Acura Legend came through music, not sure who I saw in one first but Ludacris is definitely the one...