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Theme Tuesday: 10 Reasons I Should Have Gone To Autorama

I really would have loved to go to the Detroit Autorama this year, and honestly I should have, but lack of forethought meant the...

Motorama Or Bust: Part 5

Ten days. There are ten days left until the Taylor'd Dodge needs to be sitting finished on the International Center Floor at the Motorama...

Motorama Or Bust: Part 4

In the last Motorama Or Bust update nothing but the chassis was left at Taylor'd Customs as the 1933 Dodge body was sent out to...

Motorama Or Bust: Part 3

Compared to parts one and two currently the Taylor'd Customs shop is relatively empty with both the motor and body sent out to neighbouring shops...

Motorama Or Bust: Part 2

With a deadline looming there's literally no time to waste with the Taylor'd Customs '33 Dodge project and significant progress has been made since...

WTF Friday: The Tobacco King’s Ford Galaxie 500

As I'm sure you all know I've had a mild obsession with Turbonique rocket pods ever since I first spotted two strapped to a...

Motorama Or Bust: Part 1

Late 2014 both the Taylor'd Customs '57 Chevrolet 3100 and the '61 Impala ended up under new ownership, with the Beetle finished and the Audi...

Theme Tuesdays: My Favorite Photos of 2015

Every year I tell myself that I'm going to start this Theme Tuesday earlier, and every year I find myself writing this the Tuesday of...

The Replacement

There's really no good time to have your daily driver wrecked, but right after having minor paint issues fixed, redoing the air management, and...

Project Why Wait: Colour Me Bad

It's been about three months since I first introduced project 'Why Wait?' and while I'd like to tell you a lot of physical progress...