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WTF Friday: Road Trip!

Quick post today as it's been a bit of a crazy week and in a few minutes I am heading to Michigan with Blair (of Taylor'd Customs), John (Widebody Mazda 3 owner), and a friend of theirs. First stop Air Lift Performance in Lansing then if time permits the Henry Ford Museum.

Event Coverage: The 2013 Canadian International Autoshow: Pt. 1

The Canadian International Autoshow  celebrates 40 years of operation this year which makes me wonder how many I've attended throughout the years. Though the number is likely  less than half I can remember as a child, attending the show with my dad, running from car to car for a  chance go get in the drivers seat and pretend to drive.

Photo Year In Review 2012 – The Features

Feature wise 2012 was a great year here at Stance Is Everything. In addition to receiving great photos from an awesome network of contributing photographers locally and abroad I started shooting more features myself which is a big step forward in keeping the content here fresh and original. Unlike the event photo year in review I will say a few words about each feature, but I will do  my best to keep things brief.

Featured Ride: Erik’s 1994 Probe GT

Stance focused sites --this one included-- often feature many of the same vehicles;  a clean Civic, a couple bagged Volkswagens, a few 350zs,  a vintage truck, and finally plethora of s2000s. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with builds on more traditional or accepted platforms the audience of stance focused websites --you included-- often ask, or in some cases demand, something different and today's featured ride is exactly that.

Stance Is Everything at Importfest 2012

To me the most important thing about being a part of Importfest this year was bringing together a group of cars that not only looked good but also represented the audience this site is aimed at. Looking back I think the 4 vehicles (plus mine) that came out did a perfect job of that.

Guest Coverage: Vanfest 17

Those from out of town, or those of you who don't follow the local truck scene, might be wondering why I keep making reference to a show called 'Vanfest'. Well, despite it's name Vanfest isn't just a refuge for 'vanners' who like heart shaped windows and velour interiors, it's also a haven for minitruckers who enjoy a good party.

WTF Friday: What you did there… I see it

Patina, as a car styling element, is an interesting thing. Many feel that cars need to earn their patina through years of dedicated service, or in some cases neglect, like this 51 COE, and the Taylor'd 57, while others think it patina is something that can applied or encouraged, using home brewed concoctions and techniques similar to what was done to Rusty.

Event Coverage: Mega Speed Part 2

I originally wasn't sure I'd be able to give the trucks of Mega Speed a post of their own but once I got through all of the photos it only made sense to dedicate the second part of the coverage to trucks. I'm not sure how the truck class compared to last year because they were not very centralized this year and by the time I left I was still finding new ones.

Theme Tuesdays: Classic American Trucks

I've been posting the odd classic truck (50s to early/mid 80s) both here and on the fan page for the past few months but for whatever reason I have never really posted them in mass. Today is the the day I change that. Quite a few of these trucks are fat fender Chevys or squared up C-10s but don't take that as a sign of me being a Chevy over Ford guy.