Photo Year In Review 2012 – The Features


Feature wise 2012 was a great year here at Stance Is Everything. In addition to receiving great photos from an awesome network of contributing photographers locally and abroad I started shooting more features myself which is a big step forward in keeping the content here fresh and original.

Unlike the event photo year in review I will say a few words about each feature, but I will do  my best to keep things brief.

Moneesh’s RX-8

Shortly after our first collaboration feature went live (Phil’s bagged SVT Cobra) Jeremy Alan Glover of Jag Imaging sent in some photos of an RX-8 he recently shot and being a sucker for RPF-1 wheels I was in as soon as I saw the first photo.

Moneesh did a great job with this car.

Taylor’d Customs 57 Chevy 3200

Having the opportunity to feature this Taylor’d Customs project first is certainly a high point of 2012 and since this feature the relationship between Stance Is Everything and Taylor’d Customs has only become stronger. We’ve already been knocking around a few ideas for 2013 so stay tuned.

Kristina did a great job on these photos and video as well.

Andrew’s CRX

Every single car JDR has pointed me towards via his site Lower And Wider has been simple yet eye catching, and Andrew’s CRX continues that trend.

There are a lot of great cars in Ukraine, including Andrew’s, and I hope to be able to bring you more of them here.

Bryan’s 318ti

Bryan is a long time reader of the site and we have kept in touch since his car was first posted in 2010, he even offered to show me around a bit while I was in California.

While we didn’t get a chance to grab a beer but I did get to feature his 318ti affectionately known as Tessa.

Neil’s MKV

For someone who spends most of his time in England Neil manages to get a lot done to his car here. When he’s not working on his photography, schooling, or riding, his focus is on this car and he’s already amassed a pile of parts to improve on it this coming year.

Hopefully we can schedule a follow up shoot sometime when he’s back in the GTA.

Eric’s MKV Rabbit

Eric emailed photos of his Rabbit shortly before I went to California and I wasted no time getting this feature ready to post while I was away. Eric’s car is undeniably clean, tucks hard at all four corners, and has a very tastefully done hard lined trunk setup.

The photos taken by Eric Shell and Matt Lianco capture all of the above exceptionally well.

Gowtham’s s2000

It’s always a little surprising when someone local submits photos of a car I’ve never seen before. I’m not trying to say I’ve seen every local car but I have seen a lot of them, especially s2000s.

Nevertheless Gowtham’s car was a pleasant surprise in the Stance Is Everything inbox and it’s careful balance of function and form helps it a stand out in Toronto’s very impressive s2000 community.

Pfaff Tuning’s 964

Getting the chance to do the first dedicated shoot of Pfaff Tuning‘s 964 project was truly and honor and I can’t thank Erik enough for hooking it all up.

This was not only the first feature I personally shot in 2012, but also the first one I did with my new camera. Going in I was a little nervous because I didn’t have any locations scouted, and the weather had been playing tricks all day, but it all worked out in the end and I am still very happy with how the photos came out.

Paul and Lukasz

After the 964 feature went so swimmingly I was feeling pretty good behind the lens and agreed to shoot both Paul and Lukasz’s Beetles at the same time. This was my first double feature shoot and it was a little overwhelming initially but after a few photos turned out how I wanted I was able to find my groove so to speak.

It also helped that Lukasz scouted this awesome location and security didn’t take my camera when they kicked us out.

Jon’s Mazda 3

Jon asked early in the season if I would be up for featuring his car and  originally I wanted to shoot it along with another Nextmod Mazda project but  things with that car didn’t exactly work out as planned so it’s an idea that  will have to be revisited for 2013.

In the meantime Jon and Raymond Tran (who’s work can be seen on Stance Nation and Stretch & Poke in addition to here) got together and did this stellar photo shoot of Jon’s ever changing Mazda 3.

Дима’s Civic

The second Stance Is Everything / Lower & Wider connection of 2012 Дима’s Civic was incredibly popular the first time I posted it on the fan page and it’s not very hard to see why.

This car is proof you don’t need to do anything over the top to stand out and a great example of a well put together Civic.

Steve’s 2010 3

Keeping the secret that Steve was going to bag his new car wasn’t easy, especially with him alluding to it almost every chance he got on the Toronto Mazda 3 forums, but keeping my lips sealed was worth it considering how much it shocked the local community when it was unveiled.

The car is back on springs now but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was the first bagged 2010 in Toronto and proof that stance is indeed everything, even when you have a big smile.

Erik’s Probe

While I wasn’t sure that this car would close out the year feature wise I am glad it did because projects like this Probe are exactly the type of thing I want to be on the look out for next year.

Anyone can build on a common platform but taking an ‘oddball’ platform and running with it for as long as Erik has is a true sign of dedication.  This car is an inspiration for all those out there wrenching on something many never saw the potential in.

Thanks to all of the owners for the chance to feature their rides this year and a huge thanks again to all of the photographers who contributed their work for 2012.

On wards and upwards for 2013!


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