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Event Coverage: Applewood Plaza 09/15/10

Last week was fairly Import heavy and most of this week will be drift heavy so to show a little love to those who read the blog and are a fan of classic cars I swung by the Applewood Plaza cruise in last week and took some photos. The turnout was not the largest that I've seen but it sure wasn't the smallest either, and I got to chat with Rod, the owner of the Turbonique Rocket Kart, some more about just how crazy the whole Jet powered vehicle thing was.

Event Coverage: Applewood Plaza Car Show Canada Day

Went out to the weekly car show again on Canada Day. Small turnout this time but I was still able to get a set of photos with no re shoots from last week and a few more creative shots since I had more time. I can't stress enough how much I like this show.

Event Coverage: Applewood Plaza Show & Shine 06/24/09

I totally forgot about this set of weekly show and shines as well. I had sometime yesterday before going riding to swing by this show and shine with the point and shoot. There were so many nice cars that I plan on going back next week with the SLR to shoot this event properly and maybe get some photos of the burnout rumored contests.

Event Coverage: Bvan’s SQ-1 2010 Kick off meet

JDM rides member, xxbvanxx, hosts weekly Sunday night meets in the Square One mall parking lot here in Mississauga. This year the kick off meet was promoted about two months in advance and highly anticipated. As Sunday April 25th finally rolled around the weather looked like it could be a problem, but it eventually cleared up long enough for 200-300 cars to gather for about 20 minutes before being told to leave by the local Police department.

Readers Rides: Bryans Beautiful Bagged Thunderbird

Just the other day I was thinking about how now that the weather has gone sour I really miss going out to Street Classics and Applewood Plaza shows. I'm a pretty big fan of older American iron so I was really excited when the [email protected] account and had these pictures BC Stance is Everything fan Bryan M's 63 Thunderbird waiting in my inbox, his car is a real beaut and I am glad to be able to share it with you.

Featured Ride: Dale’s 62 Impala

When this blog was in it's infancy I shot a quick point and shoot photo of an Impala at one of the weekly Applewood Show and Shines. I sent the picture to my friend Keven who told me that the car was actually owned by his girlfriends father Dale this set the wheels in motion to get this Impala the shine time it deserves on Stance Is Everything.

Event Preview: Euro Fest

In 2001 and group of Toronto area BMW enthusiasts got together to create an event for other hardcore BMW enthusiasts in the area. What they created was Bimmercruse and it has run successfully in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 and this year Bimmercruise is flying under the Eurofest banner and sis gearing up to be one of the largest cars shows in Ontario and perhaps the largest European car show in Ontario.