Event Coverage: Applewood Plaza 09/15/10


Last week was fairly Import heavy and most of this week will be drift heavy so to show a little love to those who read the blog and are a fan of classic cars I swung by the Applewood Plaza cruise in last week and took some photos.

The turnout was not the largest that I’ve seen but it sure wasn’t the smallest either, and I got to chat with Rod, the owner of the Turbonique Rocket Kart, some more about just how crazy the whole Jet powered vehicle thing was.

No real order to the photos today, just going to post them up as they were on my hard drive after editing.

If I recall this was at least 600hp, but I think more in the 800hp range
Flying Native?
Love tubbed cars
It's been awhile since I have seen this AMX
Loved the Olive color on this Cuda
The wheels were cool too remind me of older cop cars
Clean and classy cruiser
Flat black Mercury truck with character
1950 ish Chevy Truck
With a wood lined bed I loved but would never use
I've been thinking that my get old and die with project might one day be a Grand Nat
I loved them even before I knew what powered them
Nice Austin-Healy
A buddy of mine has a rodded Malibu as well, doesn't look quite like this though
It was very clean all around
You need to look no farther than the site header to know I like Black Panteras
Awhile ago on twitter I was talking about how I had not seen a Prowler in years
This was without a doubt the most modified one I have ever seen
Detailed all the way down to the brakes
Crowds are typical around the Turbonique kart

For Ollie and Joe

When I am at events I try and take photos of things I know my readers will respond too, whether it be women, funny stickers, random nonsense, or random cars.

More often than not when I post an odd car Ollie or Joe are the first to identify it, so I figured I should take some pictures of this car for them and the rest of you out there who are familiar with off beat cars.

Don’t ever say I don’t pay attention to the comments 😉

With a unique emblem like this I am sure it's easily identified
Knock offs on all 4 wheels
Rear engine, no badges in sight


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