WTF Friday: Bulgaria’s potholes are no joke


I saw these photos on the Stance Works forums and I was awe struck. We have some pot holes here that are worth avoiding but it seems that Bulgaria considers craters potholes.

These are not rota’s getting mangled either authentic BBS wheels just getting disrespected something fierce. It’s enough to make a wheel whore cry.

Noooo... 🙁
Wow... Didn't know you could do a Type A like that
Beginning of repair
I hope this is not a finished repair...
Is that a yard stick as refrence!?
I would turn around and go home, damn

Site updates

As the season starts to come to a close everyone is trying to get their last events in so it is keeping me pretty busy. This weekend DMCC is in town this wekeend and I’m really hoping to be able to make it out to that, then next weekend another CSCS and then after that the final Stretch and Poke meet or the year.

Look out for lots of event coverage over the next month as I have even stopped by a few classic shows in between import ones.

Flashback Friday

Low Civic Steep Drop, not much more to say here other than I am working on a Theme Tuesday of car tri-poding pictures.



  1. I took my s10 to San Francisco and had to dive in the middle of the lanes. I had to do a lot of shitty driving to save my rims and bumper.

  2. i think theres shity roads every were but ive only ever sen damage like than on rally cars thats vicius massive argument for 3 peacers tho that bbs can just have a new rim slaped in there and n happy days 🙂

  3. oooohh….!!! like the greece the same roads…!!! shitty driving every moment if you want to save your rims and yous bumber…!! nobody care about the stance i think…!!

  4. The 1966 Red Corvair Monza pictures taken look fantastic. The original interior is all black leather and exceptionally clean.
    Many great cars at the show.

    • ^ Ouch driver!

      I am Canadian though 😉 and I meant no offense to your country by this post, you just have crazy potholes so respect to those of you that still roll low

  5. Hi all , this is Sofia, Bulgaria – we have even better road’s then this…. we had a 40sm deep hole in the middle of central Boulevard during night and there is no light or signs around it… I am driving whit steel rims only… reinforced one / 195x70x15/ 6J

  6. Hahah)) Lol)
    Just like home roads here in Russia! I can’t drive my dropped prelude to my house because of shitty road, so i have to park at 200-300 meters before my home :’-(

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