It’s a Mirage


When I think of modified Mitsubishi’s it’s normally Eclipse, Lancer, or Evo, but never Mirage. This is probably because the history of the Mirage in Canada is a little confusing. Up until early/mid 2000 Mitsubishi was sold under Eagle and or Plymouth, which meant the Mirage sedan was a Dodge Colt while the hatchback was an Eagle Summit.

I’ve seen a couple modified Colts around town (though few and far between and none within the past five years) but at the time I never made the connection to the cars Mitsubishi heritage.

Regardless there is no doubt in my mind that the modified Colt I did see in Ontario was no where near as nice as this one.

While I don’t have any performance specs on this car but it’s easy enough to tell that this is (now anyway) a turbocharged Mirage (or Lancer if you are in Australia).

This car is full of win, basically. Whats with the kids bike on the rack in the background though?
I am going to assume the exhaust was routed to the right for a more direct path

Mighty fine looking Mirage/Summit/Lancer, mighty fine.

Photo Credit:Masaru Tanaka


  1. Not so much the Mirage, but there’s a decent number of Colt/Summit fans around Montreal. Some of them came with a 4G63 (same as in Lancer Evolutions and Eclipse/Talon/Laser), so they’re easy to mod and pretty quick in these lightweight cars.

  2. i have this same model in a maroon instead of red, and its slammed on some knock off rotas in 16’s, this guy gives me hope that our model may get more attention in the future. I already have evo 6 4G63 and all the all wheel drive components including brakes, just need a trans. Still saving ;]

  3. Dave, the only ones that aren’t clapped out usually show up at the dragstrip on a trailer, some of them running 10-second quarter miles if they can get them to run properly. That’s the beauty of a car that sports an engine that is shared with other massively popular platforms!


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