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Theme Tuesdays: That’s Static!? (Pt.1)

Weighing in on the static vs. air debate isn’t really something I like to do because I feel people should get down how they get down and not worry about how, but I will say that there is something to be said for a clean static car with spot on fitment.

I’m not talking cars that are easily identified as static from fifteen feet away due to smashed bumpers, questionable panel gaps, and catchy slogan covered munched quarters.

I’m talking about the ones that are so low, fitted, and clean that in some cases you catch yourself looking underneath for evidence of bags that are not there.

Today’s Theme Tuesday is all about cars like that.

The reason Shayan’s trunk is popped in this photo is so people would stop asking if he was bagged 

Every meet Brad shows up to he’s got a serious amount of rubber in his quarters but somehow they never seem to get damaged

Considering the fact that Mazda 3 quarters like to turn to dust undisturbed, I was really impressed with the fitment on this car further impressed when I found out the last car to run these wheels was bagged


The last photos I saw of this car it wasn’t quite so immaculate but at this point it was picture perfect


I had to re read the feature on this car just to make sure it was in fact static  (20k/18k springs)


When this showed up during my search I thought someone mistakenly called it static…




Love this B4, every set of wheels that have been on it have been perfect


Early fender arches > late for fitment


Considering the rear fitment, and the work into the quarters I was shocked to learn this e46 was static


Sean Dub has always had a way with the e36 chassis


Huge fan of this car, love how clean it is considering it’s a chassis where people let a lot of things slide


Just perfect


The missing wing on this car irks me (yes I’ve heard the story) but you can’t knock the fitment or ride height


New wheels, still clean


Going to close things out with the e30 that inspired this post

Ain't even mad

Ain’t even mad

Think I missed your favourite? Or worse did I miss your car? Feel free to let me know via the comments for Part 2.




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