Special Delivery


I’ve been subscribed to Brett Sloan’s Tumblr via rss (I don’t have a tumblr account) for quite sometime now but I think this cab over is the first of his photos I have posted here and not on the fanpage.

Being such a cool truck I figured a single photo Facebook drop wouldn’t really do it justice.




A clean turbo diesel on the ground, really what’s not to like?

Photo Credit: Brett Sloan


  1. I’m curious how the ramps work…seems like the channels go all the way forward and there’s a winch there…but to clear the dual rear tires doesn’t leave much for a ramp angle… or is it a faux dually to have that extra width in the bed area for the ramps… have you come across a build thread for this Special Delivery? Awesome build!

  2. Long ramps up onto the rails – he hauls the hot rod seen next to it on the back. Saw it at the Roundup in Austin 2014.


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