Awful Hero


Sometime ago I started following @awful_hero on Instagram. Not sure how it happened but I am pretty sure it involved a conversation about an oddball car because that is essentially all we ever end up talking about.

Unlike myself, who just has a general interest in unique builds but actually drives a fairly par for the course car, AF actually pilots a fairly uncommon craft.


Reppin’ for Unfriendly Garage his Volvo 240 wagon is literally always changing but the recent respray from blue to black is all killer and no filler.

awful_hero_5 awful_hero_6
awful_hero_2 awful_hero_3 awful_hero_4

Who would have pegged Eagle Alloys to look so damn good on a Volvo? Furthermore who would have thought an early model e30 air damn would look good under the bumper of a Volvo, or that fender mirrors would work so well on the same car?

This. Car. Rules.


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