Muthaf*cka can you buy that?


I saw these wheels for sale on and even though at an asking price fo $2300 they are worth what I sold my entire e30 for I really think someone without my shoe string budget should scoop up these refinished RS’s because they are absolutely stunning. The specs are as follows:

Freshly refinished
-15X8 / 15X9 BBS RM’s
-2″ Schmidt lips front and 3″ Schmidt lips in the rear
-Polished ¼ height caps with polished BBS logo’s (original caps also included).
-Spare set of 2″ lips can be installed at a cost to the buyer or purchased for an additional $200
-At 4×100 these could fit quite a few vehicles, e30s, civics, vdubs….
For sale thread

The color looks kind of root beer esque
The color looks kind of root beer esque
Flawless 3inch lips
Flawless 3inch lips
Do want.
Do want.

Title is in reference to: Killer Mike – Muthaf*cka can you buy that

While you are browsing the for sale section on max maybe you could swoop up this 88 m3 as well.

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