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My stickers courtesy of Seche Media arrived last week after the first set got abducted by the mail man (if you see a mail truck rocking a sticker that’s how it happened) and I’m really excited to finally have these in my hand. This blog is one of the only ideas I have had over the past few years that I have followed through so the fact that I showed enough follow through to get stickers printed and that people want to run them just makes me want to put more and more work into the blog it’s a rad feeling.

But enough about me this first run of stickers read and come in pink(2), blue(5), green(5) and white(25) and black(10) and are 100% free and all I ask is that those of you who do rock them send in a picture of the sticker on your car so I can post it up here.

I ruined 1 pink sticker and have 2 on my car hence only 2 being left
I ruined 1 pink sticker and have 2 on my car hence only 2 being left
The stickers are 10.5" wide and 1/2" tall
The stickers are 10.5" wide and 1/2" tall

If you would like a set hit me up with your mailing address at [email protected] I plan to mail them out via normal mail every Friday (and therefore ship Monday) so shipping times will depend on where you live but as long as more postman don’t snap them up they should arrive.

Quantity Update as of Friday November the 16th:

Pink: Sold out!
White: Sold out!
Black: Sold out!
Blue: Sold out!
Green: Sold out!

I am currently out of stickers, I will order another set soon stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the write up. Believe it or not I got someone I know (out of the Mazda world) that noticed my name on your blog, small world 🙂 And yeah Canada Post is rocking your stickers, bastards!

  2. Free? You are totally my hero. 😉 Stickers are for support, after all. (I’ll wait for this one before I put together the sticker post I was thinking of.)

    No laughing at my address, now. I know I live in a horrible place. It’s changing soon, but that’s how it is for now I’m afraid. 😛

  3. This batch (and probably the next batch) are 100% free as a thanks to everyone who has helped this blog become what it has. Every month I am crossing off another accomplishment.

    All I ask is that if you can send in a picture of the sticker on your ride so I can post them up 🙂

  4. Hey man I’d love to rep some stickers let me know if you have some left and if I get around to getting some FullLock ones made ill send some your way for sure

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