Theme Tuesday: BMX bikes on roof racks


I am sure that I am not alone in noticing that roof racks have become a growing trend in VW, BMW, and Honda tuning scenes. While I am not sure how it started but it doesn’t have any indication of going away.

Since there are already lot of roof rack appreciation threads on the internet I figured to get a little creative with today’s Theme Tuesday and only focus on cars with roof racks that have BMX bikes on them.

Non riders

The interesting part about a lot of the bikes you see on the roofs of cars at shows is that they are set up nothing like how someone who actually rides would set their bike up.

The easiest way to tell if a person uses the BMX on the roof for more than just transportation is seat post height.

It would be extremely hard to do any tricks with a seat this high
Classically styled ef with a parking lot cruiser on the roof
Looks like someone is about to throw a pylon at this civic... or they are just moving it
Nicely dropped civic that I could have used in the painted wheels Theme Tuesday
Not a riders bike, but couldn't leave this one out

Old School bikes

These are bikes that the guys from would love to have in their own personal collections

The mag wheels are a nice touch with this older accord
I would love to know more info on this car and the bike

Possible riders

These bikes are a little harder to tell if they ride, they could be casual riders, or they just stole their younger brothers bike.

This hatch is perfect I love clean, glossy, black paint
The bikes a little lost in the trees so it
Even though this VW is hammered the bike has to be removed before going in the garage
Ok so it's not really on a rack, and impossible to tell the setup of the bike, but how could I leave this car out

Certified Riders

I can tell by the bike setups on these rides that these guys can, or at least could, get rad on a BMX bike at some point in their lives.

Diving board e30, BBS wheels, BMX on the top, man after my own hear
Industrial areas are always good places to ride, skis can make fun ramps in a pinch
Slamburglars has a bmxer in their midst
The fisheye makes the bars on this bike look super wide, matches the wide saw blades
This mid 80s civic wears its BBS wheels and roof rack well
This little CRX has a nice cruiser (24" BMX) sitting on its roof my guess would be an older racer
While this may not be a bmx bike, Logan from Full-lock owns this car and he does shred a bmx as well as he does a drift course

This was a fun one for me personally as I love when my love for BMX and cars come together. Hope you guys enjoyed it and for the record I keep my bike inside my car 😉


  1. High seat doesn’t always mean the are not a rider. A high seat post, pegs on both sides, as well as front/rear brakes could very well be a flatland rider. A lot if flatland tricks rely on a high seat as opposed to street/ramp riders that need low seats. Your generalization is uneducated with regards to BMX.

    • My generalization rings true to all the bikes posted, and is a good rule of thumb for cars at events because flatlanders are far less common than any other sort of BMX discipline.

      I ride, I have done so for 12+ years, and I’ve organized park, dirt, and flatland contests in the past. If there’s one thing I am certainly NOT uneducated about it is bmx.

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