Theme Tuesdays: Old School JDM


Last week on twitter @TyCity called me out on the fact that I had not posted some old school JDM rides in awhile. Since he was right I decided to check some of my local sources for some old school goodness.

I’m not as up on my classic Japanese metal as I am my American but here goes.

Classy looking Starlet to kick things off
I think this is an old Celica? - (Nope Mazda rx-3 thanks joe)
Not sure what this is (TE21 Corolla 2 door sedan - thanks Phil) but the wheels look early Supra or maybe Mitsu Starion
Japans answer to the El Camino?
This old Subaru really does look like the wagon beside it
Judging by the plate this Celica is F20 powered, what happened with Celicas anyway
How did something start of so hard then go so soft?
This slammed wag is a popular one
Another classic wag
I love tubbed cars
Wish I knew what was under the hood
I love Datsuns
Just enough Japanese race influence for me
Another 1/4 set up piece of Japanese tin
What would this post be without a initial d esque ae86
This color looks like Hot Rod Flats Midnight blue, wonder if it is
No idea what this is anyone? (3rd Gen Celica thanks again Joe)
Respect your elders!

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  1. Sigh….
    You’ll never stop making me regret selling the AE86, huh?
    I wonder how my life would have been if I kept it, probably in the drift scene….. or dead!

  2. what you called an old celica in the 2nd pic is actually a mazda rx3
    oh, and that tubbed celica runs a 1JZGTE
    and the second to last is a 3rd gen celica…

  3. Nice post Dave, I’m pretty sure I’d own any and all of those 😀

    Btw, the 2nd pic is a TE27 Corolla Coupe and the 3rd pic is a TE21 Corolla 2 door sedan.

  4. While I was waiting for this article to load I thought to myself, “Dave, I better see a RX-3 in here” And you delivered.

    Also, I saw my first Mazda REPU and Mazda RX-3 in person this past week in Florida.

  5. That 3rd pic is my car!!!! This made my day lol it’s actually a KE20, it had a 3kc 1.2 at the time, also the wheels took me 25hrs to hand polish, now the car is getting a f20c swap 🙂

  6. Yea phils right on the second pic, not joe.
    I kno my shit about japs and thats an early 70’s te27 corolla, probz an sr5 aswell
    Btw sxy 2000gtr at the end i luv them

  7. Ha the Grey Primered Celica is Mine. Yes a 1jzgte backed by a TH350 Chevy and an 8in Toy truck rear. Its painted Black now and should be out in the sunlight soon. Stand by.

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