Theme Tuesdays: Lancers


I’m going to admit something today, I know next to nothing about Mitsubishi’s, however I do know when a car looks good (at least I think I do), so with little more than a love for nice/mean looking cars and an internet connection I complied today’s Theme Tuesday of proper looking Lancers/Evos.

This lancer looks like the perfect match between form and function
Evo front ends are so aggressive.
Looks like Volks are popular among the Mitsu crowd
I'm sure this car is in some small childs nightmares somewhere...
Chrome/high polish works well with white
See what I mean?
The storm trooper look is tough to beat
Heh, always sucks when someone walks into an otherwise perfect shot
Looks like a murderer
When something goes wrong send both feet in and hope for the best
CCW warehouse, dreams are made there
Stunitin on em
This is one awesome photo.

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