WTF Friday: Autograss


Take a small car (preferably)rear wheel drive car, strip out basically everything, add a roll cage and a fire extinguisher (do not add giant roof wing), and proceed to only turn one direction on a natural race track surface and what do you have?

Well, apparently, you have Britain’s most popular form of grass roots motor sport, Autograss.

I just found out about Autograss last week and with tons of classes for every level of racer (both financial level and skill wise) Autograss looks like a great way to have a lot of relativity cheap fun. I want in!

Sure, right now it’s done with cars we don’t generally have here in North America but I’m pretty sure a Chevrolet Chevette would do just fine  (provided it had not rusted completely out by the time it hit the track) and they go for $1000 or less these days.

Dear god this looks fun
It's all about the power to weight ratio.. and lack of traction
Hammer down!

If for whatever reason the above pictures didn’t peak your interest take a look at the video below and tell me this doesn’t look like a ton of fun.

Site Updates

So far survived my intense week long training at work and managed to get posts out every day regardless so things should be easy going in the  weeks to come. Thankfully this weekend is a long one so I will be able to get caught up with writing and shooting some features that should be really exciting.

In other news, recently Seche Media and Stretch and Poke sent me a bunch of stickers, and I have some coming from ‘It’s JDM Yo!‘ as well so once they all arrive I think I am going to put together a sticker pack and have some sort of contest to win a few of my surplus.

Stickers thanks to
Stickers thanks to Stretch and Poke

Flashback Friday

All the talk of Chevette’s above reminded me of this video, which reminded me of the Wheel Stand Fun WTF Friday I did last August.

Gotta go out to Grand Bend Drag Strip this year.


  1. auto grass is just seen as a cheep way in to motor spot the fwd youth mini class is actualy the moast well known it used to be used as a gate way in to rally but the sport has obviusly progressed a little in the 7ish years since i lived in the uk ,all the cars in the pictures mini ,renult twingo,fiat cinquecento’s are all fwd car’s that s have been converted to rwd rear engine ! we have Chevrolet Chevette’s but thay wer sold under vauxhall in the uk and ople in europe and because we have rallying we had the HS and HSR versiosion’s bult for homoligation reasons and along with the tolbot lotus sunbeams the first real hot hatches

  2. Ollie your Chevettes are VASTLY superior to ours. Ours were kind of a joke, similar to our Escorts vs yours.

    I was surprised to learn that Autograss is more or less not known here seeing as how much fun it looks.

  3. its not the cars its the culture over there you have loads of v8s which are cheep and easy to tune and give higher out put gains as unless you have enough cash to by fararri’s or lambo’s then you have to put up with sogy under powered haches and saloons so hot engines wer put in to the cars as it was cheeper than building a hole new car and thay wer that light weight becase perviusly thay had been pushed around with asmatic 1300cc engines and thay went like shit of a shovle

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