WTF Friday: Canutuck?


It has been a long time since I’ve thought about ‘the worlds lowest blazer’ (at least five years) but for whatever reason it popped into my head while pulling together last weeks WTF Friday post.

This truck is a great example of the extreme measures people were (and still are) willing to take to get their ‘perfect stance’.

I remember a lot of things about this truck (the extreme body drop, the fender humps, and the Fiero wheels) but a couple of the other details completely slipped my mind.

For example I forgot the owner had to build a tube frame for the truck because he drug the previous frame to smithereens, and most surprisingly I somehow forgot that the whole rear clip of a Fiero was thrown out back making it a mid/rear engine truck.

It’s a good thing the hilariously dated 2004 tripod page detailing the build is still live and while the pics I pulled from it are postage stamp sized you get the jist:

Makes more sense to get in through the roof than the doors
Tubular A-Arms, fuel cell, flip forward front
Fiero rear clip, wedged between a slightly widened Blazer rear
Fiero rear clip, wedged between a slightly widened Blazer rear
No need for a roll man when you have no bumper
Tucking almost every lug up front
Tucking... every single lug out back
The proportions look quite odd with that much of the bottom missing

I have no idea if this truck was ever finished, or if the Fiero motor ever moved it so to the older minitruck guys reading this if you know what happened to this truck or have pictures please share.

Site Updates

Lots of user submissions again this week, going to sort through them on the weekend and figure out how to incorporate them all.

Hopefully something cool from Japan next week as well in addition to another upcoming feature that will probably close out the year for features.

Finally as it’s Black Friday today followed by Cyber Monday I’ve added a discount code of ‘BIGDEAL‘ to the store which will get you 30% off anything currently in stock, good enough for you Mathew?

Flashback Friday

Since I am talking about trucks anyway here are some JDM Minitrucks.

Still sick

I should go hunting for these again.

Oh if anyone is hitting the Rally Of Tall Pines this weekend with an SLR shoot me an email. Not sure I will be able to make it out.


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