Theme Tuesdays: Cressida Wagons


Last weeks Theme Tuesday on the standard Cressida went over so well that it would be stupid not to strike while the iron is hot and follow up with a Cressida Wagon post.

Distinguishing the difference between the Mark II, Cressidas, and Cresta’s is a little different when you are not super familiar with with each platform so don’t lop my head off if I got a few wrong.

As good a place to start as any then eh?
I found a few pages of people dissaproving the wheel choice (Rotas they said) but it looks damn good
Super simple but it works
Everyone viewing this expects this car
This was a drif union car, not sure if it is still around, it was sr20 swapped
From a mooneyes event in Japan
13s like a boss
More from the guys over at speed hunters
Same car getting driven hard
...and more dish
Can't even tell what wheels these are
Cut springs, still tows, classy hub caps too
This one came up in every search I used, and for good reason, it is very well executed
It is perhaps the cleanest of the bunch
End with this illustration that I thought was pretty damn cool

No promises but I might work on the OZ and Ronal Turbo Theme Tuesday for sometime soon.


  1. nice. particularly like the one with dish… and fogs and turn signals in the bumper, is that custom or stock? it’s a good look anyhow.

  2. dude now u have to do first gen maximas(they look almost identical to cressidas hhahah). but cressidas are the sickest rwd fourdoor ever.

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