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Over the winter Rob from Performance Improvments asked if I would be interested in doing some writing for their bi monthly Performance In Motion magazine.

The idea of having a few pages in a printed publication to do whatever I want with was very appealing and opportunity to reach a new audience was something I couldn’t turn down, so I said yes.

The article below is my first, and since the feedback on this one was so positive I am currently working on my second.

If you are having trouble reading the .jpgs above an online version of the entire magazine is available here.

If you are looking for events in the Greater Toronto area and the Event Calendar on the Stance Is Everything fanpage isn’t up to date you can check out The Toronto Car Meet Event Calendar on facebook that is updated fairly frequently.

I am always looking for new topics to write about so if you have an idea feel free to let me know.


  1. Great article…I usually know, more like find out, where traditional cruise nights are held…perhaps PI would consider adding an info page as to the whereabouts of events that portray other gatherings…let’s get the photog to add new pics…we seem to see many of the same cars over and over…Here’s to your ride!!!

    • Rick if I recall the idea was to run a sidebar including the dates but they were no ready for print.

      Oh and the images were my favorites of previous years 🙂

  2. I read it when I got it in print, you did a good job with it.

    One topic that is always hotly debated is how to keep car meets from self-destructing. The sheer size of some meets unavoidably draws a wide variety of participants and onlookers. The end result is people acting in an unacceptable manner, which then brings negative public opinion and even attention from the law. God forbid someone should get injured or killed at a car meet.

    Maybe you could write an article on how to respectfully participate in a car meet?

    • Phil that is an EXCELLENT idea. I will work on it for the third installment.

      The issue seems to more or less cure itself as the crowd gets older but still great topic.

  3. Absolutely love the article, fantastic subject that i think can be applied to so many ideas in the car scene. Wish I could get a copy over in the UK!

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