Theme Tuesdays: Honda Tech 8 Favourites


With no Honda Tech since 2010 presenting sponsor Teknotik decided bring it back with a bang in 2012 by hosting it at Mosport raceway.

As a fan of the Mosport facility and Honda Tech (which was one of the first events I was exposed to some serious Honda builds) as soon as it was announced I was looking forward to checking it out.

Unfortunately* I had a wedding to attend the same day and was therefore unable to attend so like Wekfest, H20 International I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites from the event for this weeks Theme Tuesday.

I’ve seen a number of NSX’s on LMS and it always looks good
There were a number of cars with more  modified than this one but whatever reason the simplicity of this stood out

Photo credit: Canadian144 on JDMRides

Don’t think I’ve seen this s2000 before
HT8 being at Mosport allowed people to show that their cars do more than just look good sitting still
I think this car used to be red but since a few other things have changed I really can’t be sure
Just because it is a Honda event doesn’t mean a few outsiders didn’t get in
Love the fitment in the rear of this car

Photo Credit: 97lx on JDMrides

Matt’s car has changed slightly since a week ago

Photo Credit: h46it on JDMrides

Wagon attack!
Usually these wheels kind of look like giant lady fingers to me but in black on a black car I like them a lot

Photo Credit sashakthx on JDMRides

Some of you may recognize this car from speedhunters
Built by a 19 year old…

Photo Credit: b16aMedia

Mooner’s Civic back on the road

Photo Credit: DannyITR on JDMRides

Javed told me to expect big changes from his car, and this is a big change
Turbo J swap..

Photo Credit: jdm2envy on JDMRides

Outside look at the car above
click here to see a picture of Javed’s car previously it before

Photo Credit Lucky27 on JDMRides

Another shot of Mooner
I think the owner of this car is a reader and once confirmed that he does track it

Photo Credit: Pürbread

Obviously with a rumored 1500+ cars I missed more than a couple in this list so keep an eye out on the fanpage for anymore I come across.

*Attending the wedding wasn’t really that unfortunate the wedding was for two of my best friends and open bar,congrats Scott and Melissa!


  1. that 4 door with the turbo J swap is pretty sweet, especially since the motor doesn’t come through the hood. it must have taken some work to get it fit that well. also like the custom front bumper on it. apart from the intercooler it’s pretty stealthty.

  2. Major Love for the Eg8 with the J-swap. I know they have two different height for the mounts and that one puts the oil pan very close to the ground on lowered cars so, that in mind, Go Big! Lots of other very nice cars too. Great coverage.

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