For whatever reason I’ve always found cars not available here in Canada intriguing regardless of what their actual build quality or reputation is. One such example of this are Opels, this isn’t the first time I’ve posted an Opel of this vintage, and probably won’t be the last.

Somewhat bland at stock height Commodores start to look a whole lot better lower to the ground and fitted with a tasteful set of wheels.

I particularly like the fact that the red pinstripe was retained on this example and how the orange manta 400 wheels somehow manage to work with the plush looking red (velour?) interior.

The door lock pull is pretty rad also.









Spotted here on via Suck Squeeze Bang Blow.


  1. cool commodore, the wheel choice is spot on.

    reminds me of that guy in my neighborhood who always drives some cool old custom opels, whether it’s an A Ascona, B Commodore or a chopped C Kadett.

  2. That looks very very nice. Very tastefull and clean

    The opel grill looks fantastic.

    That is so, so different to the way that model of car is built/modified in AUS. (I think in a better way)

  3. Love this car. I have a VH Holden Commodore in the shed, and this one (and the yellow taxi) are two of the biggest inspirations stapled to the garage wall.

    Andrew, you’re almost right. They came to us out of Opel in Europe. Brock was looking at importing the Manta as well, but Holden knocked the idea on the head. The only real difference between the early girl (specifically the VB-VC) Commodores and the Opels were the drivelines. Because of the %-required rule, we didn’t get the engines. We got the same old nails carried over from the Torana/Kingswood.

    That said. Commodores are the staple of the modified car community here in Oz. May I recommend looking up “MYWAY” or “CUTSIK”?

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