WTF Friday: Caterpillar Rod


One of the things I like most about hot rodding is that (unless you are building a traditional) there are no rules. Motor, chassis, wheels whatever, all up to the owner.

This Caterpillar hot rod is a perfect example. No one says you should build a Hot Rod like this but at the same time no one is going to say you shouldn’t.

Started in 2010 and completed in 2012 this plus sized hot rod was built in a two car garage by the resourceful owner.




The motor comes from a Caterpillar C-12 and is backed by a 10(!) speed Eaton transmission followed up by a 293 end gear.

The frame is comprised of frame rails harvested from big rigs as are the suspension and braking systems. The body is reportedly a from a thirties or so Studabaker.




The grill, nose, headlights, and paint come for a Cat and I have no clue where the giant hitch ball originated from.

The C-12 motor doesn’t pump out an obscene amount of horsepower (about 450ish) but given that it’s now in a vehicle much lighter than where it started it’s got more than enough power to lay some rubber on the road:

No build thread but there is a video with lots of progress shots:

Thanks to Just A Car Guy for peaking my interest on this build.

Site Updates

Still working away at getting the car ready for spring and starting to line up a few features for this season as well.

Is anyone out there selling a set of faded Work lug nuts? I’ve got something I want to try but I need a set.

Flashback Friday

This truck reminded me of a few things from the untraditional low Theme Tuesday.

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