Theme Tuesdays: Cadillacs


This weekend I was watching Donnie Brasco and the Cadillac vs Lincoln debate combined with the sheer number of Caddys used in the movie set today’s Theme Tuesday in motion.

No real year, or model sub theme just a small collection of low cars adorned with the Cadillac emblem.

Start things off with this beautiful ’53
‘Root Beer Float’ Caddy from Detroit Autorama coverage
The front end on this one isn’t to everyone’s tastes (I don’t mind it) but there is no denying it is ont he ground
Another angle
Spotted at one of the few Street Classics Show & Shines I was able to attend last year
Probably the third Theme Tuesday I have included this car in but I love it’s simplicity
…and power plant
Easily one of the coolest rolling shots I’ve seen (high res is here)
Supremes and whites again and again
….of course hubs and whites work too
I’m really curious if one of these would even fit in a modern garage
I was not a huge fan of the wheels on this car myself but this photo in particular I quite liked
Really like the way the two tone is done on this one
I saw this in person at SEMA and it was really impressive however…
….I did not know it previously looked like this, which I also like
Joe getting up on 3 from the Scrape By The Lake days
Caddy on wires from the Rockstar Show & Shine
The back drop in this photo looks like the ones used for high school graduations
I mentioned Dylan in last week’s Theme Tuesday and here he is again
This was the only Pro Touring Caddy I could find a picture of…
Bagged CTS-V from E-Garage. I need this.


  1. Most of those cars are over 20 feet long. I know a couple of people who’d buy one, except they don’t fit in the garage! I was just looking at these boats myself the other day too.

    • Yeah… I know in my townhouse I couldn’t fit a car much longer than mine in there with the desk/storage space I’ve got. As it is I have to be careful how I park depending on what I am working on.

  2. Tsk tsk Dave… a garage is a place to park and work on a car. There shouldn’t be anything stored in there! I’m cleaning up my garage this weekend, the Mustang is coming home to its new permanent home!

  3. @Phil I’ve got to store stuff in there, but make no mistake I cut about a quarter or more of the storage out to build my work bench much to Lyndsey’s protest.

    New house for you?

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