That Silver Ae86


When I posted this clean as hell Ae86 in my event coverage of Gumball 3000 here and on a few local message boards people couldn’t get enough of it.

Well in what seems to be an ever growing trend the owner stumbled upon the site and linked me to a picture of his car along with some more info.

Clean and functional what more could you want?

Here is what the owner, Tryte, had to say about his car:

The car gets tracked regularly through the summer. I have swapped in a blacktop 20V into it for more power. The rest is suspension tuning.

I actually host track days at Mosport DDT. We have one coming up in a week on May 23rd. The other two are on July 18th and September 12th. Here is a link for more info.

While I can’t make it out on the 23rd July 18th is looking might tempting… hmmm



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