WTF Friday: Water to Air


In the Volkswagen world the watercooled-to-aircooled conversion isn’t exactly new. I’ve seen it a few times over at this point, but this is shaping up to be one of the more refined examples I’ve come across.

It is also the first time I have seen it done to a Porsche, taking advantage of the fact that very few people are going to be up in arms over anything done to a standard 924.

With the factory four kicked to the curb the underhood (or is it boot now?) area was given a few renovations making it quite the tidy place to house the fuel tank for the Beetle sourced motor that now resides in the rear.




The hatch engine room has been shaved and bead rolled to match the under hood, and the motor now looks almost factory in it’s new home.

The builders saw to it that this swap didn’t just look the part either, all the various sensors report to the factory 924 cluster just as it would had Porsche put the motor there from the factory.


The exhaust has been routed in a way to visually and audibly attract as little attention as possible (unlike the one on this car), and inside the car appears largely stock save for what appears to be a very large, very white, sequential shifter.



The suspension looks to be a mix of various updgraded VAG aircooled  and water cooled part, and the wheels hint at the cars watercooled heart.



The build can be found in it’s entirety here and while I’ve yet to make my way all the way through it in detail the work done here is incredibly impressive.

Once again nod goes to Suck Squeeze Bang Blow for putting me onto this.

Site Updates

Heading over the Simply Tire in the morning to get new tires put on my Equips. Hopefully they don’t leak after having the bolts removed to get them cleared. If that all goes well it’s over to Automatrix auto service for an alignment. Hoping to get some decent tire life out of the new rubber.

With it being all in one presentable piece I should be able to take a few snaps and jot a few words down about my life on air ride so far. I also plan to swing by the Tiremag get together on Sunday provided everything on Saturday goes to plan.

Flasback Friday

Might as well send it back to 2011’s Theme Tuesday ode to the Air Cooled Beetle.


  1. No matter what people say… we like it though. And: It’s louder and faster than a standard 356 😛 Maybe it is worth about nothing. And ugly, because, hey, it’s just an old 924. But believe me: It’s cool… 😀

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