Pour Some Out


Lost a good one yesterday on the way to Truck & Tuner Expo. There’s some misinformation and rumours floating around regarding it’s demise but the long and short of it is heavy rain, inexperience, and high horse power were involved.

Such a shame because I quite liked the car and it was incredibly clean. The colour it was painted always made it an interesting challenge to shoot as well. There’s a lot more purple in it than the photos below really illustrate.

These photos are when the original owner (and builder) had the car on Work Rezax wheels.

These more recent ones are when the new owner took over and added the more aggressive 9.5/10.5 -6 VS-XX wheels.

Here’s the car a few minutes after the incident occurred.


Looking at the photo it’s a miracle no one was seriously hurt.

For those curious full specs on the car are available here.


  1. It’s a shame, that was a nice car. However, horsepower can’t be blamed. Horsepower doesn’t just happen.

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