WTF Friday: The Party Is Round Back


This has got to be a first for WTF Friday; a mid engine car that’s been created by simply moving the motor from under the hood to behind the front seats.

Built by a Denver based ¬†‘master Saab mechanic’ this 900 appears to have no other visible modifications outside of reverse mounted wheels, a makeshift firewall, and a vent added to the roof.

Why is not listed in the ad, but one could argue that a serious advantage to this ‘conversion’ is that it’s easier to access through the hatch than the clamshell hood.






Two grand gets you this gem on the Colorado Springs Craigslist. I wonder how easy, or difficult, it would be to register?

Bonus: On the topic of moving motors round I found this s10 awhile back but couldn’t find any more photos so I might as well post it today in hopes of more info. It’s got no¬†motor under the hood but one curiously located between the cab and bed.


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I’ll be at Meeting of The Mazda’s Sunday but there are a few other events also. Info below:



Flashback Friday

Still looking for first hand accounts of this one running….anyone?



  1. that twin engine golf “built By evolution” as far as i knoe did not run i did some shows and it was pushed in never saw it running

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