WTF Friday: Another Single Shot Kill


I know, I know, one photo WTF Friday, again. Sorry. But I spent a fair chunk of time trying to find more on this C4/Countach creation and came up with nothing.

One can only assume it was never finished and is sitting behind a shop somewhere becoming one with the earth.


Of all the things the wing placement really perplexes me. Why so far forward?

I guess that’s a rhetorical at this point but if anyone has any more info on this car I’d love to see it.

Update: CDSETXO manged to dig up some photos of the final product, which all things considered looks not bad.





Would love to see the front brought out to match the rear. Kind of looks like Buffy The Body right now.


  1. I’ve seen this before. The owner did actually finish the project. It actually ended up looking pretty good (not my style, but still).

    I’ll find a photo for you after I finish work.

  2. lets assume there is a twin turbo 560ci under the hood that makes a stupid amount of power. that way i feel better about my self

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