Winter Wednesdays: Self Hype


These pictures were taken almost exactly a year ago when my car was at Air Lift Performance headquarters undergoing some final prototype testing of their Mazda 3 kit.

The intention was to post them (last year) for a Winter Wednesday but once I decided the ‘big reveal’ would be at Mega Speed I opted not to steal my own thunder.

Despite now being a year old, unless you drill right down to the 3 kit on the Air Lift site, there’s a chance many of you have never seen these photos which is a bit of a shame because I quite like them.

air_lift_1 air_lift_2 air_lift_3 air_lift_4

While the car didn’t see a whole lot of snow last winter it’s seen a TON this year and has performed exceptionally.

The Equips on the other hand will never see snow again.

Photo Credit:Air Lift Performance


  1. im surprised that you have no issues with the air lift kit working in the winter. i was allways under the impression that condensation in the lines will find its way to the valves and freeze them up.
    also, dumping your car with wheel wells full of snow and ice must be sort of anoying right? how to you deal with that? every couple days i have to dig all the snow build up out of my wheel wells because if i dont i hear the tires hitting it.

    • Brian, in reality I don’t air my car out much at all in the winter so dealing with snow in the wheel wells has not been too much of an issue. I typically only air it out on warm days when everything has melted.

      As for the condensation issue I’ve made sure to drain my tank as much as possible this winter and because I don’t air it up and down all the time I have not head to worry about freezing. One might my compressor kicked on and the tank wouldn’t fill but once I got home to take a look at what was going on it was working fine. I assume that was ice but it’s never happened again.

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