Theme Tuesdays: ‘The Bags Ruin It’


Air ride has progressed leaps and bounds from the days when it was predominately used to lay trucks, and older vehicles closer to the ground. As the technology, R&D, and availability of air ride components improved, bags began to appear under a wide variety of vehicles that, as recently as 5 years ago, one would have never expected to see sitting on the ground.

As bags began to permeate all corners of the automotive landscape the talking heads (found amongst the assorted peanut galleries around the internet) have become to be very vocal about what they think should and should not ride on air.

Today’s Theme Tuesday is a hat tip to a few of those very vehicles that some feel are ‘ruined’ because they ride on air.

Though very little is known about this car both times I have posted it people have been quick to point out that it is ‘sacrilege’
I’m sure there’s an old curmudgeon somewhere quite steamed over this
This Aston Martin DB9 is what actually made me think to do this Theme Tuesday, you can read the feature on it here on Air Society
Though it is becoming increasingly more common some people are still very unhappy about bagged Subarus
Ditto for Bagged Evos
Ditto for Bagged Evos
Air Lift posted this Subaru at a Rallycross on Friday, I have looked for more but so far turned up nothing

I believe this short clip is from the owner however

Already being so low static it almost seemed natural for RWB cars to start popping up on air
Nextmod Mississauga is about to make a bunch of noise with this Supra
Being held to such high regard it was totally expected that people were up in arms about this bagged e30 m3
A recent addition from SOWO, a Cayman S on Rad 48 wheels
Air Lift Performance is really close to releasing their GTR kit which will not only suit stock body cars like this well but Liberty Walk kitted ones as well
I still remember the sh!tstorm that was caused when this Lamborghini first popped up online
Now a few years later this car was debuted at SEMA and fewer people blew their collective fuses

Here’s a video of it on a different set of wheels

When Air Lift announced their S chassis kit nay sayers were quick to assume bags would ruin the cars ability to slide
The car above, now wrapped, seems to drift pretty damn well
I’ve said it before —a few times— but I am really excited to see what else is to come in the land of air!

I miss one? Let me know in the comments.

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