WTF Friday: Rollin’ Coal With Class


While doing a quick skim of my RSS reader the snail poking out from under the hood of this Bentley snagged my attention and quickly sent me down the Google rabbit hole looking for more information.

After coming up with the same photo several times over I was eventually able to find a thread on retrorides that discussed the car in slightly more detail.

The fair sized turbo actually hangs off the side of a Cummins motor which has been wedged under the hood by the owner.

Upon realization that it’s a Cummins motor under the hood the chrome stack makes a whole lot more sense!

There’s essentially nothing online that documents it’s creation, but one user states that the owner (rumoured to be a Mr. Hoyes) built it because he had the Bentley in one corner of his shed, and the Cummins in another. Sound enough reasoning for me.

I’d love to see it with a different set of wheels and without the spoiler out back but that is just me being picky.



Any readers out in England (Harrogate area) game for a little scavenger hunt? It’s rumoured to sound pretty mental cruising about.


  1. I was going to say damn no engine pics, but then I wondered how the hell you open the hood with that stack there?
    Sweet ride anyways, except the spoiler. Post an update if you ever find a video of it running

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