WTF Friday: Comic Books & Poster Cars


Like many mid 80s babies growing up one of my favourite cartoons was X-Men, and the walls of my room were covered in posters of Italian exotics. Of the X-Men characters Wolverine was my favourite of course (closely followed by Night Crawler and Gambit, but never Cyclops), and my preferred Italian car was the Ferrari F40.

For some reason I feel mentioning the two things above segues well into photos of Carguy Japan‘s studded tire equipped F40.

Studded tires = claws, F40 = F40? Huge reach? Maybe.

ferrarif40-studs-1 ferrarif40-studs-2 ferrarif40-studs-3 ferrarif40-studs-5

Anyway the Facebook integrated Bing translator made a mess of things, but what I did glean from the text is that Carguy actually ice races the F40, making the studs actually pretty necessary.

Since an off the shelf studded tire solution doesn’t exist the one you see was hand crafted in house.



Sacrilege? Perhaps maybe to some, but a quick browse through their Facebook page revels a love for driving all of their cars in the snow and a fair abundance of money.

lambo-studs-1 lambo-winter-1 lambo-winter-2 lambo-winter-3

No videos of either studded tire exotic in action but considering that exotic rubber isn’t exactly cheap I’m going to assume this all wasn’t just some elaborate hoax.

More can be found here and here.

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