WTF Friday: Yep.. Another s10


A few weeks ago I mentioned that people do weird things to s10s, and in addition to attempting to transform the trccks into hot rods, people also mesh them together with American classics.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes –most times actually– it ends up like this, another admirable effort (with lots of seemingly good bodywork) that lacks visual cohesion.

This angle remind anyone of Family Guy’s James William Bottomtooth?
I think there’s mid 50s Bel Air/Nomad in there?
The rear end flows a bit better than the front in my opinion, and reminds there’s another truck with a rear end like this I DO quite enjoy. I believe it’s blue…
I’m not against the (T-bucket?) on the top though, nice looking build

Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many hours and cash were put into this?


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