WTF Friday: Ron Berry’s Surf Seeker


A few months ago photos of radically styled, bare metal, ‘Volkswagen Bus’ appeared online causing quite a stir.

At that time I wasn’t really able to find much about it, so I put a few photos of it up on Facebook and waited for more information to surface.




It took awhile but as of today I know that this vehicle is Ron Berry Creation and will soon be appearing in Hot VW magazine.



While how much Volkswagen exists under the metal is still yet to be determined, it is cool to see that –at the very least– an air cooled motor pushes the van down the road.

From front bumper, to awesome skateboard wheelie bars, this build is full of custom touches which makes sense because this isn’t Ron’s first custom rodeo.

He also built this wild woody wagon known as Shorebreak in 2007.




As well as a more traditionally proportioned F-100 you can see lurking in the Surf Seeker videos.

High five to Just A Car Guy for following this story so closely!


  1. Holy mother of god! What amazing builds. He is a Kustom genious! I’d love to see him give that VW some gas. It sounds amazing.

  2. i totally thought it was a golf cart didnt relize the scale till i watched the video . did it actually start out as a full bus or was it just a frame with a custom body. anyway wierd/cool project, it kindof looks like a hotwheels car like 1 of the impossibly scaled wierd looking ones hahaha

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