WTF Friday: Ski Free


A friend of mine added me to a somewhat local buy and sell Facebook group that is a virtual endless source of entertainment.

Racing lawnmowers, three wheelers (the banned ones), ancient snowmobiles, clapped out pickups, hodge-podge home-built go karts, and boats that look more suited for land than water are just a few of the things posted there.

While the above may not sound all that unusual, a few very peculiar things also show up there on a regular basis. Like, oh, say a Ford Ranger equipped with tracks and skis.



A regular, somewhat modified, high km ’94 in stock trim this Ranger changes into the perfect vehicle for (and I quote) “driving out to the fish out with all your stuff” when the custom-made skis and tracks are added.



The video below shows the Ranger in action and while it’s not about to break any land speed records –I can’t imagine the 4 cylinder is happy about the added weight– it does seem to work as intended.

If this piques your interest it is also posted on kijiji for $3000.

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