Theme Tuesdays: Split Wheel Conversions Pt. 2


As a general rule Theme Tuesday posts are the second most popular section of the site sliding in right behind WTF Fridays, and of the Theme Tuesday stack one of the most popular was the first post on one off split wheels.

As more importance is put on unique wheel selections people are continuing to take a long hard look at single piece cast wheels.

While there isn’t a lot of data around how safe these conversions are in the long run, I have actually not heard of any horror stories about them breaking. Some might attribute that to the fact that very few actually get driven on, but I’ll take the optimistic road and assume it’s because the people building them have done their homework.

Here’s a continuation of part one that will have you once again reconsidering some of those oem wheels.

Start things off slow(ish) with a 2-pc welded Gram Light wheel built by Memory Fab
Unknown Coatings caused quite a buzz when they revealed this split RPF-1 over a year ago. Don’t think they ever posted it mounted or the other four however.
They also had people up in arms with this wheel. Is it a Volk is it a Rota? I won’t call it but it looks great none the less (though without lug holes and the concave necessary for single lug it’s more a show piece)
Righteous Garage assembled these ridiculous RPF-1s for a local build


The owner actually did all the calculations and machine work himself and you can follow the build here
I’m not a huge on tear drops in standard trim but like this they look amazing
Not really the most outstanding looking wheels standard…
But split, painted, and given the right decals these SAAB wheels look incredible
Standard boring OEM Opel wheels, upsized and converted by Nicolas Wlostowski
He’s really quite talented at this sort of thing
Hard to believe these…
…started like this
Last one for today is this stunning OZ wheel but they’ve got a lot more on their Facebook page

Did I miss a set, or perhaps some you’re working on? Let me know in the comments below!


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