WTF Friday: Polar Opposites


Two very unique and very different swaps came across my desk this week and instead of sharing them separately I’m going to double down and share both today.

The first swap, which is a K series motor in the front of a Chevrolet Corvair is one that many people are calling shenanigans on.


If there was only one shot I too would call foul play, but someone taking time to Photoshop two separate angles seems a little unlikely.


Rumours are that it is actually a Corvair body on a Civic SI chassis which would explain how everything looks so oem. If that is the case I really do need to know more. Anyone recognize the show this car is at or better yet have any of you seen it in the flesh?


The second swap, an sr20 in a Beetle, has been done before but this is perhaps the best looking implemenation of it.


Instead of having the motor hang miles off the back like the one below Cameron Chapman pushed his in as far as possible.


He’s using the stock VW gear box (for now) mated to an adapter plate but already has plans to replace it if/when it explodes.


This project should really zip along once it’s done and already look sreally good so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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