WTF Friday: Twin Motor Yugo


Most of my usual sources didn’t provide much in the way of crazy cars this week so I took a look over on and boy did I find something that caught my attention; a twin motor Yugo.

Jim, the owner, says he likes big motors in small cars and decided since he was already starting with an uncommon platform he might as well further diffentiate himself further from the pack by running two power plants.

In the video below Jim explains a lot of the intricies of the car quite well.

Each motor can run independently of one another, s10 control arms are used with RideTech shocks front and rear and the wide body was actually created using all the factory panels pushed out roughly eight inches.


The motors are 500ci Cadillac v8s that weigh 1600 pounds resulting in a car that weighs 4100 pounds in total and makes a combined 900 HP.


Prior to the Cadillac motor being installed up front a Chrysler motor found residence under the hood.

I’m not quite sure when the switch to twin v8s was done, but presumably it was tackled when Brian Hoover did the final body work.


Unlike many twin engine cars this wasn’t built as just a talking piece, Jim drives the car competitively at Good Guys Autocross events, though he admits he ususally just uses the rear motor, especially when it is hot.

I can’t say I’ve ever wanted a Hugo before but I just might take the keys to this one!

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