Theme Tuesdays: Engine Bays Of Fitted: 2011 – 2015


Fitted Lifestyle is an event known for, as the name implies, cars that employ a particular style of wheel fitment, that fitment is of course of the aggressive variety.

Though most of the cars at the show focus almost exclusively on fitting the widest wheels possible, there are a number of builds that also have time spent under the hood.

Swaps, boost, tucked, shaved, fitted has a bit of everything. This week, with Fitted just around the bend I’ve brought together a collection of some of the more noteworthy engine bays over the years.

Starting things off all the way back in the Downsview park days with this big turbo Supra
As it turns out this car might just have a doppelganger, as spotted at Nissan Sherway in 2014
This was the last time I saw Drew’s Holset strapped 325i on the road… I believe it’s sold now
This turbocharged s2000 is another car that’s come and gone
Don’t quote me but I think this car put down 600 or so horsepower, I remember it being considerable
Moneygang Steve pre-initiation into Moneygang
This motor has recently been dropped into another e30
Moneygang guys love to swap their e30s this 1.8t e30 was up for sale last year, I’m not sure if it ended up selling however
This is one of my favorite shots of any fitted event
As is this, coincidence they are both Elevated cars?
Montreal always comes correct to Fitted, shaved bays and all
I’ve had the honor of seeing this car a few times since Fitted, gets better each year
Not just a tuck and shave job this car has a supercharger as well
If Subarus and bright colors are your thing, John Wakely’s 2014 look should be right up your alley
The tucked, shaved, and polished engine bay of the Team Mayzn Acura EL
This EF from Montreal based crew Low Level took home some hardware in 2014
Simple yet refined, it drew a lot of people in for a closer look
Petey’s EF is at an equal level of cleanliness
Also featuring ITBS
And it too features a quartet of trumpets

This year’s Fitted Lifestyle event takes place this Saturday May 28th at the Brampton fairgrounds and as always you can expect lots of coverage here on Stance Is Everything following the event.

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