Theme Tuesdays: Slammed Jeeps


Slammed Jeeps have peppered a few Theme Tuesdays here and there but today it’s time for them to take center stage. It might seem a little counterproductive to die-hard Jeep owners, but more than a few of their ranks think they look just as good on the ground as they do lifted.

Personally I’ve come across two different bagged examples in my travels and one AM General. If nothing else these slammed could-be off roaders are polarizing.

Before we go forward let’s go back…
….wayyyy back.
I hope this Jeep is collecting dust some place. Check out the frenched triple antennas! Triple OG.
You’d think wires and Jeeps wouldn’t be a popular combination, but this Jeeps got five of them
The guys over at Air Society nabbed this one
This one is pretty old. I remember seeing this photo in 2002 or so – Ironically I picked it up this time around from a Nissan Forum
The internet has lots of pictures of this Commache in this state, but none after, can anyone help? – Photo:
This jeep has been kicking around for years, ruffled a lot of feathers when it was first done
This is another Jeep I don’t think I ever saw completely “finished”, the filter makes me curious about the power plant too
This Jeep is probably nothing new to you, it's been on a few blogs
This one is sr20 powered and I’m including it just so people don’t say I forgot it, it is no stranger to the site though
I swear every type of vehicle ended up on Layin' Body
I swear every type of vehicle ended up on Layin’ Body
This Wagonner RULES. The build thread is a great read too
This truck was actually built in London Ontario (roughly 2 hours from where I currently sit)
When I first posted this many people screamed photoshop
But it was real, however it was sold before completion never to be seen again…

It does however live on via the ‘Project Troll‘ build thread and this video

This is the first bagged Jeep I’ve ever seen in person, it doesn’t lay out but it’s still built really well. Those doors didn’t open like that factory either..
It also has one of the coolest air installs I’ve ever seen
I saw this one in Ocean city randomly, it was in a horrible spot and at night so the photos are not so great
But you get the idea…
Though technically not a “Jeep”, Jeep this AM General Corporation Postal Jeep is too cool not to post again
Beautiful engine bay too…
Going to end things with this wicked rig owned by @Solofilmsdvd
Known as the “Rojo” this Jeep was bagged and bodied by Phat Phabz who will seemingly bag and body anything with four wheels

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