Theme Tuesdays: GTA Then And Now Pt. 2


This site has a lot of back content, so much so that I often have to delete some of it from my external up hard drives just to make space for the more recent photos. Most of that vintage content isn’t particularly memorable (thanks for following along while I figured out how to use a camera) but some of it is worth keeping onto for archival purposes.

What is really cool is seeing photos of cars in 2010, ’11 and ’12 that are still around today. In the import area this is a little less common, but when it comes to American metal many of have stood the test of time. Some changing slightly over the years while others a little bit more significantly.

This is one of the first pictures I ever took for this site at a Street Classics Cruise in, funny to think I now own one, foreshadowing?
As you can see the truck is virtually unchanged these days, this photo is from 2014
When I was pullig content for this post I didn’t expect to find an earlier version of this truck
When I saw it in 2015 at the ELTA Summer Bash I thought I was seeing it for the first time
This very traditionally build Ford is largely unchanged
Once could argue that it doesn’t need changing however
Blair’s now sold Impala was pretty much done at Scrape By The Lake in 2010
Here it is last year right before sale
Here it is last year right before sale, photos five years apart, two different photographers, darn near same angle
This build has a lot of styling cues I’d like to carry forward into Project Why Wait (which I’ll be dong some work on this weekend before you ask)
As it turns out there has been few visual changes from 2011 to 2015
Tim Atkninson’s truck is hands down one of my favorite local s10 builds
The addition of smooth steels really helped make it more contemporary
This truck (Seen here in 2010) received a new set of wheels…
…that some might argue are too modern…
No one is going to argue about the engine bay overhaul however, Hitman did a great job
As crazy as it might seem Jeff’s car didn’t always hit bumper
Those days have long since passed of course
In 2010 this Camaro was still blue
However in 2013 it was painted black
The Buick power plant remained mostly the same however
and that powere plant just so happened to be a turbo v6 Buick mill lifted from a Grand National
In 2010 TIm’s Subaru still managed to catch my eye
By 2013 he had cleaned up the engine bay quite drastically
Adam’s truck stood out even in 2010. Ranger GTs have always been quite rare
That may or may not have been the last time it was on the road full time
Andrew Mair puts a lot of miles on his Gangrene Lead Sled


And I've been lucky enough to see it at many of the destinations between those miles
And I’ve been lucky enough to see it at many of the destinations between those miles
When I saw this car in 2014 I was told it was going to be changing quite a bit
When I saw this car in 2014 I was told it was going to be changing quite a bit
This photo doesn't do the work justice but it has been repainted and rechopped
This photo doesn’t do the work justice, but it has been repainted and rechopped
Finally this car is the one that inspired this entire post
I would have never figured this to be the same car…


The plate however doesn’t lie


  1. Gangrene makes a lot of rounds at some of the shows I’ve attended, and they’re is always something new to look at. That car is the epitome of work in progress that’s never done. Fantastic car, and I love that I see Andrew cruising around, even when there’s no shows going on.

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