Uptown New York


I got the chance to go to the Unfinished Nationals last Sunday, and despite the wicked storm on the way out it was a great event. You can expect much more coverage from the event as a whole on Monday but I just had to get this car up today.

I, unfortunately, have pretty much only pictures for this one as I didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner and I couldn’t jump high enough to see the mod sheet on the driver’s window.


But still you get the jist of it right? I assume the chassis is a fullsize truck of some sort, but I’m not well versed enoguh to tell what. I do like the use of the original hub caps in ‘show’ mode.


The car drove in and out too, but the dealer plates suggest it just might be quasi legal. Either way it was certainly not what I was expecting to see at the show.

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