Theme Tuesdays: Local Trunk Set Ups


Last week I featured local unique motor swaps for Theme Tuesday and this week, spurred by the trunk of the 1995 “Goldmine” Cadillac from the 6th Annual Majestics/Luxurious BBQ coverage, I’ll be posting some of my favorite local trunk set ups from over the past few years.

With each passing year the bar gets raised even higher for what constitutes a “good” trunk install which in turn pushes builders to be more and more creative.

The set up in my car is pretty simple, and tucked away, but the truck might need to get a hardline or two after pulling this one together.

Going to take things way back to 2011 and one of the first hardline set ups I had seen at the time, clean simple, with still a lot of usable trunk space
I am going to stretch the definition of the word trunk here only because this is still one of the most unusual air tanks I have ever seen.
When I saw this at Megaspeed in 2013 I couldn’t help but chuckle, it certainly is clever
Another clever one, this is from Berlin Klassik a few years ago
Another clever one, this is from Berlin Klassik a few years ago
If you like you’re trunk a little more “A Gentleman’s study”…
A lot of people are doing wood floors today but Tim’s was an early favorite of mine when he finished it in 2011 or so
Including the trunk
Not every car featured today is more on the form side of the fence, this tri-five Chevy has a very tidy trunk with a roll cage integrated, fuel cell, and relocated battery
Sneaky nitrous setup is sneaky
This was a local Wagovan fed by a bottle hidden in a sub box, I’ve always thought it was really clever
Truck setup in the Caballero
This set up is really neat, every component fits into a lower floor cargo area and matches one another
This is super era correct lowrider with those quad 8″ Audiobahn subs and velour everywhere
If you want something a little more contemporary how about this…
…or this…
..or this of course
..or this of course
The trunk in full steal mode with the air ride setup neatly tucked away
If all of the above is a little too much for you how about a set up hidden under vintage luggage
However with the vintage luggage remove the setup is easily accesible, a lot of time went into finding period fitting luggage
Pretty sure a battery is tucked under that other piece as well
Dialed trunk setup concealing the air ride
This Caddy owned by Tim, one half of Tim and Brenda’s place, has a very nicely done trunk full of false panels
I’m sure somewhere people who collect vintage fire fighting equipment are up in arms over them being converted to air tanks
But it really is a great re-purpose of old equipment
I imagine this tank fills in no time with 4 compressors
Hardlines have really become quite popular the last few years, I remember when most were done by Swoops and few were out this way
The hardlines here are nicely formed but I am mostly posting this because of the small K&N filters on the compressors. Neat idea
This trunk combines a lot of what we’ve seen above, false panels, flooring, hardlines, and subs
Kevin at Chop Shop has done a LOT of wicked trunk installs the past year or so
A few people came together to make this one a reality with the coating and upholstery, and it looks great over all
Unix Performance took the minimalist approach to their ever changing mk 1 a few years ago
Quite like how it hangs off the roll bar, and above the awesome “spare”

I’m going to call this one here, but I don’t think it will be the last. I wonder what the next trend will be?

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