Theme Tuesdays: Subaru 360s


This week’s Theme Tuesday is the direct result of watching BMX videos while listening to a Subaru burble on by my office at an opportune time; Subaru + 360.

Now the Subaru 360, in all of its variations, is not one of the most commonly modified (or plain common) vehicles –especially in North America– so this isn’t the longest Theme Tuesday ever, but I did what I could with the challenging constraints I put on myself.

This particular van holds the distinction of being one of the more popular 360s ever built, featured in  minitruckin some years back
This photo really puts into perspective just how small these vans really are, especially when on the ground
I’ve come across this exact photo a few times over the years looking for random cars
This angle however is new to me and shows that it is indeed a complete build through and through
Judging by what appears to be the stock motor the wheelie bars are probably more of a tongue in cheek joke than anything else
Judging by what appears to be the stock motor, the wheelie bars are probably more of a tongue in cheek joke than anything else, more pictures are here at
Same 360 different paint job, earlier I believe.
And if black is more your color, I believe this is the same one at an earlier state 
Sorry for the postage stamp sizing but these are the only photos I could find of this 360 project started by Bobby DeCola in the days of 28.8k modems. via subaru360club
Japan Delivering like only Japan can with this 360 hot rod built by Soul Art N Rod
Soul Art N Rod built this 360 that was at what looks to be a Mooneyes Japan event
Here's a rear shot courtesy of Speedhunters
If memory serves me its had some Volkswagen injected into it


While in the Speehunters vault I came out with this black 360, which looks to be pumped up at all four corners
This car was originally built for Lemons before it didn't meet wheel base requirments and the owner's rebuilt the car and put a Honda CBR954RR Fireblade behind the driver
This car was originally built for Lemons but didn’t meet the wheelbase requirements so it became something much more; a Honda CBR954RR Fireblade powered just for fun car
The motor is apparently packaged so tightly that the car basically has to be taken apart to view it, and it uses a fairly complex transmission that apparently has 30 forward gears.. which is nuts. You can read more about the car here on and watch a shake down video below

To end this one off here’s one of the first Subaru 360 photos I ever stumbled across, I beleive I found it on ra64freddy

Should more Small/Micro cars be the subject of Theme Tuesdays? We don’t have a ton here but I could start with the locals and branch off.

Swift GTI perhaps?


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