Theme Tuesdays: Classic Mercedes


I had a few different ideas in mind for the first Theme Tuesday of 2017 but after starting and stopping a few odd ball themes I switched gears and went simple, focusing my efforts on older vehicles with the MB tristar that are good and low to the ground.

I’ll be honest with you, cars of the Mercedes Benz marquee typically don’t do a whole lot for me as they usually blend right into the silver sea of cars I’ll likely never be able to afford.

The old ones though, those catch my eye especially the closer they get to the ground, or as of the last few years the more sideways they get.

This photo goes back to 2010 or maybe even 09, never got to see this once local car roll around on wires but I wish I did
The car later wore more oem wheels…
…then later still mesh wheels
I feel like I wouldn’t be far off in saying the car above influence the creation of this car
Eurokracy’s Rick Di Corpo had this awesome 1973 28 for about a season
Manolo has always had a way with European cars, classy wheels and air ride, As seen on this 450SE
He later switched up the wheels, and it looked even better
It’s mind blowing that this hold over from the Cocaine laced 1980s still exists here in Toronto – via The Scraped Crusaders


Richard‘s w114 was a short-lived project that debuted at Fitted in 2014, stole a lot of heads then promptly vanished

John Ludwick changes cars quite a bit so I don’t know if he still has this w114 but it was a pretty wicked car at H2O in 2013
The overall aesthetic of this car was pretty refined to go with The Governors Club Brand and that camera was actually the air controller
Something extremely satisfying about a vehicle that was once the height of luxury throwing sparks down the road on a bright summer day
Pillarless windows on big cars always provoke a second glance – More photos of this car can be found here
Slam’d Mag went to Australia to capture this Benz and the one below
The full feature on both of these Severed Ties cars is here
I don’t know a lot about the heritage around AMG cars but this ’71 300 SEL Rote Sau car is too good not to post
Sic Ryde did a really, really good job with this 500e which is probably the “newest” benz I’d own
This post wouldn’t be complete without a 190, but I must admit that I’m more than likely going to spin 190s off into their own post so I’ll just post this one for now
Though it’s a few years old now its still one of my favorites, if you’re looking for more Speedhunters did a feature on the car in 2013
Switching gears entirely, this Black Smoke Racing Wagon 300td is one of my favorite drift cars ever, it had a huge holset, a super, and nitrous at one point – via Paul Cook Photography

Black Smoke Racing has since moved on to a new chassis, but this one is the perfect way to end this post and of course I’ll add a video of it:

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