Theme Tuesdays: Recently Viewed – January 2017


Here we are 31 days into the new year conveniently on a Tuesday. How’s the new year new you thing working out? That well huh? Me too.

At any rate if there’s one thing that’s been great about 2017 it’s that there’s been no shortage of new videos, projects, and event coverage to look out for so for the first recently viewed post of 2017 I am going to switch things up and devote it only to videos I watched recently that were released in 2017.

The variety takes a small hit this time around, as I actually watch a wide variety of vintage videos, but I’ll double back for those next month!

Not one but two BMX/drift related videos this month, pretty rad. Luke Fink’s V10 e46 sounds absolutely incredible.

I’d really like to go to a proper tractor pull in Ontario, if someone can lett me know where one is that would be great, seriously!

I had no idea that Gravedigger is still a painted truck, with all the recent advancmnets in wraps I just assumed the art was done digitally. Pretty cool to learn it is not considering how often Dennis and crew go through the bodies, wonder if the same holds true for Son-Uva Digger?


    • No to both. I’m familiar with Adam LZ though, being a rider, but I don’t watch a ton of his stuff. He came here to my local park last year though.

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