Lost Boy


The stretch between January first and The Canadian International Auto Show is that hardest time of the year to get original content here on the site. Everything has more or less ground to a halt as people’s cars are in perhaps their most disassembled state with the closest event being weeks, or months away.

The weather just throws another wrench in even the best laid plans, in short it sucks and I complain about it to some degree every year.

In an effort to dig up something original I remembered some photos I took while on vacation in South Hampton Ontario late summer.

The city puts on a weekly cruise in every week in the summer and though the week I was there it was on the smaller side I did spot this drag  strip ready Ddoge hanging down a side street.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the most versed in all Mopars but I think this is a Dodge dart of mid sixties vintage. There was no model badging aside for Dodge on the car however so that is just a guess based on the headlights, tail lights, and subtle trunk fins.

Clearly a purpose-built car — with lexan windows, a full cage, and a mighty hood scoop– I’d imagine if I hung around a few of the race tracks in the area long enough I would come across this car and the its driver’s from the Lost Boys Race Team.

Mopar enthusiasts among us, any speculations regarding the power plant?

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