Theme Tuesdays: Valentine’s Day


If you’re anything like myself you woke up yesterday and thought ‘oh crap it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow’, and if you’re a bit worse than me this post that reminded you Valentine’s Day is today.

Hopefully you don’t fall in the later category because if you do you probably should be out getting a gift instead of procrastinating on the computer or phone.

But since you’re already here you might as well enjoy these cars that feature (mostly) traditional Valentine’s Day colors from the SIE archives.

Purple on pink is a bold choice but can’t argue that it doesn’t work here
This beauty Kustom was at the short-lived Megaspeed show

This jazz themed van is a love shack on the inside
Jazzy ensembles and mood lighting set the tone
And there just might be love potion on the crushed velvet seat
Adam and Eve, still a better love story than twilight
Who’s going to argue with a fella in a large pink truck?
A Street Concepts Model looking dangerous in Pink from Importfest 2012
Neal, of TBA, is actually at the early stages of rebuilding this car. You can follow the build here @tbaprojectr32
This is a bit of a blast from the past in the local scene
Pink really brings out the polish on those wheel lips….
Purple, lace and wires, Los Boulevardos in full effect
The Bloody Mary…
and the Bloody Mary II are both exceptional Impalas
Mark at Wheels Are Everything has done a number of renders like this. Take original catalog art drop it on Astros and thin whites and you’ve got a winner
Rob Crane’s Laurentien might not be Pink but I wanted to post it again.
I’m not sure if he ended up selling it, but if he did the new owner got a fine-looking car
The car is a near spitting image of Mark’s render

Short and sweet this week, hopefully you all have a good Valentine’s Day and or car parts purchasing day.

Or both.

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