WTF Friday: A Purists Nightmare


The Porsche brand is in a funny state right now,  it’s exceedingly popular, but at the same time perhaps the most loosely protected.

What I mean is now, possibly more than ever before, people are not scared to cut into Porsche’s of any vintage to create something custom. Singer, RWB, Magnus Walker, and more can all likely be attributed to tearing down some of the mystique around the porch brand.

Should a forgotten forlorn Porsche be restored to its former Factory glory and drive peacefully into the sunset, or, should more people take the lesser traveled path like Danton Arts Kustoms and use the Porsche shell to mimic a genre where the Porsche badge is never seen?

That question is of course rhetorical, and the answer will differ from person to person. From where I am sitting, I like the idea, and I like the fact that unlike this car, Danton executed their Porsche hot rod through to completion.

However, I’m not sure the Porsche body style lends its self to the hot rod treatment all that well, espeically compared to its second cousin the Beetle.

After scroling though the build photos it looks like Danton did an exceptional job pulling it all together and I’m very interested to see this one get more coverage.

Any Stance Is Everyting Fans out in France willing to go seek this car out out in person and give us a rundown?

Le Bueller?


  1. Sacrilege or not it works for me, and it doesn’t look like he started with a pristine car anyway. The shape of the chopped roof kind of reminds me of a couped leadsled or a salt flats racer.

  2. Maybe it’s time for another Volksrods Theme Tuesday. Or maybe a “cars that weren’t meant to be hot-rods but people did it anyway”….. Just food for thought 🙂

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